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  1. Donations of usable items must be approved by the committee in charge of the location in which the item will be stored/used.
  2. A "freebie shelf" is available for items that are free to use/take for all members. The shelf will be periodically cleared by Officers.
  3. Donations for the "freebie shelf" will be accepted so long as there is available free space in the designated area, and as long as it does not conflict with rule #5.
  4. Donations for the "freebie shelf" that do not fit cannot be left in the space unless approved by Officers
  5. The following items will not be accepted for donation:
    1. CRT monitors
    2. Inkjet Printers
  6. Donations to a project are only spent on that project and are spent prior to any Reforge Charleston allocated money to the same project.