Events Policy

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  1. Events must be on the official calendar to be considered scheduled.
  2. Scheduling of events is done on a first-come basis
  3. Scheduled events should uphold our Mission Statement
  4. Scheduled events take priority over unscheduled events.
  5. Scheduling conflicts should be worked out peaceably by the affected parties. Disputes will be arbitrated by members of the board, or by the Board of Directors as a whole.
  6. All events must be sponsored by a current member, who must be present during the event.
  7. Donations are encouraged but not required to hold events.
  8. Guest access to the facility will be limited as required by the event.
  9. Any commitments either financial or presence of Reforge Charleston must be approved by the Board of Directors before scheduling, if an event is scheduled without approval all penalties incurred are the responsibility of the scheduling member.
  10. Terms and Conditions for events can be dictated and modified by the Board of Directors.