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Would there be issues with me trying to bring my projects into this type of space?

There are no issues with you bringing your projects into the space. Although, we have a clean workbench/tabletop policy any projects you are working on should be reasonably stowed when not actively in use.

What do you get out of the $50/month fee?

You get 24/7 space access with the ability to use any of the equipment we have. As well as, getting free and discounted classes to any of the classes we offer.

What kind of storage options would be available if any?

We have a small number of small Lockers, and are in the process of building shelving for large totes. These would be available for a small yearly rental fee to offset the cost of the totes and shelving.

Would this be a contract similar to a self storage unit or more of a month to month situation?

There is no contract after your first month of vetting you will get space access 24/7, you are free to stop any time, however your space access will be revoked at the end of the last payed month. you will be free to start up again at any time without going through the 1 month initial trial period again.