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Site Policies at the Reforge Charleston Leeds Ave. Makerspace

These site policies are agreed upon by all tenants at 4500 Leeds Ave. facility as a condition of

leasing space. Any violation of these policies may jeopardize Reforge Charleston’s lease

agreement with G&I Ill 4500 Leeds LLC.

Smoking Control

A. The interiors of all buildings and structures are deemed tobacco and smoke­free

environments, wherein no smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco is permitted.

B. Property management shall designate and identify as a “Smoking Area” one or more

outdoor area(s) as a location(s) at which tobacco use is permitted. The use of tobacco is

not permitted at any other outdoor location not designated and identified as a “Smoking


Weapons and Firearms

A. Any weapons and firearms are prohibited on the premises, inclusive of office space,

manufacturing space, any buildings or structures, parking lots, or any other property

areas. No weapons shall be kept in a locker, lunch box, toolbox, purse, vehicle of any

type, or other personal property.

Alcohol and Controlled Substances

A. The use, sale, distribution, possession, or manufacture of illegal drugs, narcotics, or

alcoholic beverages on the premises is prohibited.

B. Intoxication from the use of alcoholic beverages or being under the influence of any non-prescribed controlled substance while on the premises is prohibited.


1) The North Charleston Police Department has been given jurisdiction over the entire


2) Terms and conditions of the Smoking Control, Weapons and Firearms, and Alcohol and

Controlled Substances policies may be reviewed for temporary or permanent waiver

pending a written request submitted to the site Property Manager. Only the site Property

Manager or other officer representing the site owner may grant any request for a waiver.