Storage Policy

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The Reforge Charleston Makerspace is not a storage facility. Projects, materials, tools, and Equipment that do not follow these rules, will be considered donations after 15 days.

Storage Areas

Private Projects

Members may only store private projects or equipment in their box or boxes in the membership storage area (see Membership Storage for details on the membership storage area)

Public Projects

Public Projects will have designated project storage areas and materials and other equipment should only be stored in those locations. Projects stored in the Project Storage Areas must follow the rules and policies created by the Logistics Committee which may be changed at any time.

Tool/Equipment storage

Tools/Equipment may be stored at Reforge Charleston but only if the owner intends to allow usage of any member at Reforge Charleston. This is considered an equipment loan and follows all procedures outlined in Tool/Equipment Loans

Firearms, gunpowder, primers, and assembled ammunition cannot be stored at Reforge Charleston.