Tool/Equipment Loan

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Members can generously provide tools or equipment for use in the space, either by donating them outright or by loaning them.

When equipment is loaned, the following conditions apply:

  1. Equipment being loaned will be evaluated by The Reforge Charleston Operations and Facilities Committee and have the following information available
    1. Name of owner
    2. Equipment being loaned
    3. Serial number if available
    4. Terms or conditions of the loan
  2. A standard Reforge Charleston Label will be attached to the unit identifying a reforge asset number. This asset number will be tracked in a database that has the owner and terms of the loan in the database
  3. Equipment is loaned subject to the understanding that it is preferable for Reforge Charleston to own their equipment, rather than borrow it. Reforge Charleston may seek to buy equipment in order to replace loaned items, which are then returned.
  4. Loaned items may be returned at any time, by request of the owner or as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  5. Reforge Charleston is NOT responsible for maintenance of loaned equipment, but may maintain it as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  6. Reforge Charleston is NOT responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of equipment. However, efforts will be made to provide reasonably secure storage.
  7. The equipment owner may take the loaned equipment out of the space but must tell the Operations and Facilities Committee they are doing so.